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Luther's Works on CD-ROM
edited by Jaroslav Pelikan and Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603591
Luther's Works on CD-ROM
Luther's Works in English is a 55-volume set published by Concordia Publishing House and Augsburg/Fortress Press, edited by Jaroslav Pelikan (Vols. 1-30) and Helmut T. Lehmann (Vols. 31-55)
Luther's Works Vol. 1
George V. Schick
May 1, 1958
ISBN: 0570064015
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 1-5
Luther's Works Vol. 2
George V. Schick
June 1, 1960
ISBN: 0570064023
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 6-14
Luther's Works Vol. 3
George V. Schick
June 1, 1986
ISBN: 0570064031
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 15-20
Luther's Works Vol. 4
George V Schick
June 1, 1986
ISBN: 057006404X
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 21-25

Luther's Works Vol. 4

Luther's Works Vol. 5
George V, Schick
June 1, 1967
ISBN: 057006458
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 26-30
Luther's Works Vol. 6
Paul D. Pahl
June 1, 1969
ISBN: 0570064066
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 31-37
Luther's Works Vol. 7
Paul D. Pahl
June 1, 1964
ISBN: 0570064074
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 38-44
Luther's Works Vol. 8
Paul D. Pahl
June 1, 1965
ISBN: 0570064082
Lectures on Genesis Ch. 45-50
Luther's Works Vol. 9
Richard R. Caemmerer Jr.
December 1, 1960
ISBN: 0570064090
Lectures on Deuteronomy
Luther's Works Vol. 10
H. J. A. Bouman
June 1, 1974
ISBN: 0570064104
Lectures on the Psalms I, 1-75
Luther's Works Vol. 11
H. J. A. Bouman, Hilton C. Oswald
March 1, 1976
ISBN: 0570064112
Lectures on the Psalms II, 76-150
Luther's Works Vol. 12
June 1, 1973
ISBN: 0570064120
Selected Psalms I/Chapters 2, 8, 19, 23, 26, 45 and 51
Luther's Works Vol. 13
June 1, 1956
ISBN: 0570064139
Selected Psalms II/Chapters 68, 82, 90, 101, 111 and 112
Luther's Works Vol. 14
June 1, 1958
ISBN: 0570064147
Selected Psalms III/Chapters 1, 2, 3, 32, 51, 62, 102, 109, 117, 118, 130, 143 and 147
Luther's Works Vol. 15
September 1, 1971
ISBN: 0570064155
Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and the Last Words of David/2 Samuel 23: 1-7
Luther's Works Vol. 16
Herbert J. Bouman
December 1, 1968
ISBN: 0570064163
Lectures on Isaiah/Chapters 1-39
Luther's Works Vol. 17
Herbert J. Bouman
June 1, 1972
ISBN: 0570064171
Lectures on Isaiah/Chapters 40-66
Luther's Works Vol. 18
R. J. Dinda
June 1, 1973
ISBN: 057006418X
Lectures on the Minor Prophets I
Luther's Works Vol. 19
Hilton C. Oswald., C. Froelich, and M. Bertram
August 1, 1974
ISBN: 0570064198
Lectures on the Minor Prophets II
(Jonah, Habakkuk)
Luther's Works Vol. 20
W.M. Miller and Richard J. Dinda
March 1, 1973
ISBN: 0570064201
Lectures on the Minor Prophets III (Zechariah)
Luther's Works Vol. 21
A. T. Steinhaeu
June 1, 1955
ISBN: 057006421X
Sermon on the Mount and the Magnificat
Luther's Works Vol. 22
Martin H. Bertram
December 1, 1957
ISBN: 0570064228
Sermons on Gospel of St. John/Chapters 1-4
Luther's Works Vol. 23
Martin H. Bertram
June 1, 1958
ISBN: 0570064236
Sermons on the Gospel of St. John/Chapters 6-8
Luther's Works Vol. 24
Martin H. Bertram
(June 1, 1961
ISBN: 0570064244
Sermons on Gospel of St. John/Chapters 14-16
Luther's Works Vol. 25
W. G. Tillmanns, Jacob A. Preus
ISBN: 0570064252
Lectures on Roman Glosses and Schoilia
Luther's Works Vol. 26
ISBN: 0570064260
Lectures on Galatians/Chapters 1-4
Luther's Works Vol. 27
Richard Jungkuntz
ISBN: 0570064279
Lectures on Galatians/Chapters 5-6
Luther's Works Vol. 28
R. J. Dinda, E. Sittler
ISBN: 0570064287
Selected Pauline Epistles/1 Corinthians 7, 15: 1 Timothy
Luther's Works Vol. 29
W. A. Hansen
ISBN: 0570064295
Lectures on Titus, Philemon, Hebrews
Luther's Works Vol. 30
M. H. Bertram, Walter A. Hansen
ISBN: 0570064309
The Catholic Epistles
Luther's Works Vol. 31
Career of the Reformer I
Harold J. Grimm, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603311
Luther's Works Vol. 32
Career of the Reformer II
ISBN: 080060332X
Luther's view on interpreting scripture.
Luther's Works Vol. 33
Career of the Reformer III
Philip S. Watson
ISBN: 0800603338
Includes On the Bondage of the Will
Luther's Works Vol. 34
Career of the Reformer IV
Lewis W. Spitz, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603346
 A basis for understanding the Reformation.
Luther's Works Vol. 35
Word & Sacrament I
ISBN: 0800603354
Luther's prefaces to the books of the Bible.
Luther's Works Vol. 36
Word & Sacrament II
Abdel R. Wentz, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603362
 The doctrine of the Lord's Supper.
Luther's Works Vol. 37
Word & Sacrament III
ISBN: 0800603370
Luther's Works Vol. 38
Word & Sacrament IV
Martin E. Lehman, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603389
Development of Luther's concept of the Lord's Supper.
Luther's Works Vol. 39
Church & Ministry I
Eric W. Gritsch, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603397
Luther's Works Vol. 40
Church & Ministry II
Conrad Bergendoff and Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603400
 Directed against religious fanatacism.
Luther's Works Vol. 41
Church & Ministry III
Helmut T. Lehmann, Eric W. Gritsch
ISBN: 0800603419
Against Hanwurst (1541), Against the Roman Papacy, and Institution of the Devil.
Luther's Works Vol. 42
Devotional Writings I
Martin O. Dietrich, Helmut, T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603427
Reflection on Christ's Passion, the Sacrament, and The Lord's Prayer.
Luther's Works Vol. 43
Devotional Writings II
Sustav K. Wiencke, Helmut T. Lehmann, Martin O. Dietrich
ISBN: 0800603435
Luther's Works Vol. 44
Christian in Society I
James Atkinson, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603443
Luther's Works Vol. 44

Sermon on Estate of Marriage, Treatise on Good Works, and To the Christian Nobility.

Luther's Works Vol. 45
Christian in Society II
James Atkinson, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603451
Covers domestic matters.
Luther's Works Vol. 46
Christian in Society III
Robert C. Schultz, James Atkinson, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 080060346X
Eight works written between 1525-30.
Luther's Works Vol. 47
Christian in Society IV
Franklin Sherman, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603478
Covers Christian ethical attitude toward government, false doctrine, and the Jews.
Luther's Works Vol. 48
Letters I
Franklin Sherman, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603486
More than 100 letters from 1507 to the end of Luther's exile at Wartburg in 1522.
Luther's Works Vol. 49
Letters II
Gerhard A. Krodel
ISBN: 0800603494
Luther's return from Wartburg, official letters and personal ones.
Luther's Works Vol. 50
Letters III
Gottfried G. Krodel, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603508
Letters from 1531 to 1546.
Luther's Works Vol. 51
Luther's Sermons I
Helmut T. Lehmann, John W. Doberstein
ISBN: 0800603516
Luther's Works Vol. 52
Sermons II
Hans J. Hillerbrand, Helmut T. Lehmann
ISBN: 0800603524
On the seven gospels of the Christmas season.
Luther's Works Vol. 53
Liturgy & Hymns
Ulrich S. Leupold, Helmut T. Lehmann, Hans J. Hillerbrand
ISBN: 0800603532
Luther's chants and hymns in modern English, with music.
Luther's Works Vol. 54
Luther's Table Talks
Helmut T. Lehmann, Theodore G. Tappert
ISBN: 0800603540
Selections from more than 5,000 Table Talk entries in the Weimar edition.
Luther's Works Vol. 55
Luther's Works Index
Joel. W. Lundeen
ISBN: 0800603559
The comprehensive index to all 54 volumes of Luther's Works.
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