Science and Religion
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John C. Polkinghorne
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Nature, Human Nature, and God
(Theology and the Sciences Series)
by Ian G. Barbour
Paperback: 160 pages
Augsburg Fortress Publishers
June 2002
ISBN-10: 0800634772
ISBN-13: 978-0800634773

The Hidden Face of God
How Science Reveals the Ultimate Truth
by Gerald L. Schroeder
Paperback: 240 pages
Free Press
April 30, 2002
ISBN-10: 0743203259
ISBN-13: 978-0743203258
Kindle Edition

Genesis and the Big Bang
The Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and the Bible
by Gerald L. Schroeder
Paperback: 224 pages
December 1, 1991
ISBN-10: 0553354132
ISBN-13: 978-0553354133

The Science of God
The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom
by Gerald L. Schroeder
Paperback: 240 pages
Broadway Books
October 20, 1998
ISBN-10: 076790303X
ISBN-13: 978-0767903035

Thinking About Creation
Eternal Torah and Modern Physics
by Andrew Goldfinger
Hardcover: 314 pages
Jason Aronson
December 1, 1999
ISBN-10: 0765760428
ISBN-13: 978-0765760425

Alone in the World?
Human Uniqueness in Science and Theology
by J. Wentzel Van Huyssteen
Hardcover: 347 pages
Wm. B. Eerdmans
April 30, 2006
ISBN-10: 0802832466
ISBN-13: 978-0802832467

The Shaping of Rationality
Toward Interdisciplinarity in Theology and Science
by J. Wentzel Van Huyssteen
Hardcover: 303 pages
Wm. B. Eerdmans
June 1999
ISBN-10: 0802838685
ISBN-13: 978-080283868

Design and Disorder
Perspectives from Science and Theology
(European Society for the Study of Science and Theology)
by Niels Henrik Gregersen
and Ulf Gorman
Paperback: 256 pages
T. & T. Clark
January 2003
ISBN-10: 0567088685
ISBN-13: 978-0567088680

The Knight's Move
The Relational Logic of the Spirit in Theology and Science
by James E. Loder
and W. Jim Neidhardt
Paperback: 350 pages
Helmers & Howard
September 1992
ISBN-10: 0939443252
ISBN-13: 978-0939443253

The Mind of the Universe
Understanding Science and Religion
by Mariano Artigas
Paperback: 384 pages
Templeton Foundation Press
September 2001
ISBN-10: 1890151548
ISBN-13: 978-1890151546

Mysticism, Mind, Consciousness
by Robert K. C. Forman
Paperback: 224 pages
State Univ of New York Press
June 1999
ISBN-10: 0791441709
ISBN-13: 978-0791441701

The Heavenly Time Machine
Essays on Science and Torah
by Morris Engelson
Paperback: 270 pages
Joint Management Strategy
May 1, 2001
ISBN-10: 0964287005
ISBN-13: 978-0964287006

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