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Journal of Events
in the Life of
Thos. M. Alexander

Started April, tenth, 1923

April 10th

Made 100% in Chemistry test this evening at 6th and 7th periods. Attended Sophmore's "Lasso" programme. Have attended each programme of the four classes now. Was in the Radio Club and the Honour Society pictures taken this evening after school. Took Mother and sisters to see "Java Head" and took John Rogers last set I have completed. Value of it was $30.45. Value of former set was $28.75. Received a polite letter of compliment from Mr. Mitchell about his set. Also received a letter from the Church concerning new year's donation pledge.


Rained last night and though to day was clear, it clouded up again and began raining about six o'clock. We were unable to go to Mr. Mitchell's so wrote him a note. Also mailed pledge to Church, $.15 for upkeep expenses and $.10 for benevolences per week. Made 95% on English test and tied Hilda Grier (my English rival). I found that Don Dobbins, my chemistry rival, made 98% on his chemistry test yesterday. Took Mother and sisters to see "Just Tony". I didnot go in and Mother let me buy 20¢ of concentrated HCl, the admission being 20¢. Came home and knocked my concentrated H2SO4 bottle off into my junk box. Have had to wash everything in the box and am late in getting to my studies. It is about 9 o'clock. Juniors and Sophmores were eliminated. Final run off is between Seniors and the Fish. North Side played Arlington Heights this evening. Haven't heard the score yet. Little Anne pulled her first tooth a little while ago. My picture was in the Star Telegramme last night for the first time as captain of leaders in the North Side Physical Culture department.


Baseball score yesterday 7 to 2 favor N.S. The run off was held between Seniors and Freshmen today. The Sophs and Juniors gave all their votes to the Seniors. Freshmen are out. Which Senior candidates won hs not been determined yet but Mr. Gardner says that the final results will be announced in Chapel tomorrow. I cast all (300) my votes for Louise Barnes. Think she will get it. Was excused 6th and 7th periods this evening for P.C. Practice in Collosium. Made 91% on English Outline.


Louise Barnes, of the Seniors, won receiving over 2,000 votes. Did not go to Mr. Mitchell's yesterday evening because of the Recreation Programme at the Collosium. There were 3,000 school children in the programme. I was one of them. I was in the calecentics and did the "Daily Dozen". Went to the planing mill yesterday and got the two cabinets I ordered. Cost $4.50 apiece.


Went to Mr. Holbert's, Overstreet's, Haslet, and Mr. Mitchell's. Put a Burgess "A" battery in his peanut set. Came home and milked, and afterward went to see "The Roof-Tree". Finished stringing my tools on the wall above my work bench and built a shelf to keep my magazines on.

15th Did not go to Sunday school or church this morning. Put up a gate at my workshop, built some hen nests. Staked the milch cow and the pony out in the yard. Their grazing saves on the laun mow. V.Z. came over about 7:30 p.m. We made some explosives, tried out the fire extinguisher, which I had made some time ago, and made a plaster cast of a quarter. They, V.Z. and family, have been gone about an hour. I just finished three homogenious simultanious quadries for math tomorrow. Sure am sleepy. O yes, I took a bath this morning. Made a plate of butter-scotch candy for Science Club to-morrow. I put the plate full of about 3/4" squares upon the oven and forgot them and they all ran together again.

16th Had another chemistry test. I think I made fairly well. This test was over Lab. Work. Was the only one that had all three of those homogenious problems in our class to-day. Grayden Armstrong, my math rival, had two. Went to see Marie Prevost in "Beautiful and Dammed" Enjoyed it immensely. Science Club met this evening. Marcus Moore exploded some of his new powder composed of KClO3 + C + S. The experiment was carried out nicely and the flame was very beautiful. The Science Club managed to eat the candy alright but the girl (Mabel Goaldy) from whom I got the recipe was disgusted with my candy (I noticed she ate the last piece though). Read how David killed Goliath in my daily Bible reading. I read a chapter every day except Sunday, but since I have just about dropped out of Church and Sunday School, I am more of an infidel on Sunday than any other day, I guess last Sunday I built a hen nest, a thing I would not have thought of doing a year or so ago. Once and a while I go to a picture show on Sunday too. I go to too many shows anyhow and it makes me work fast to get my lessons and once in a while I don't get them all. I have a pretty good reputation (having made a general average of 97% last month) at school though and am learning on the strength of it to be a pretty good bluffer. You can't bluff yourself though and I see that I am lacking in many respects. Guess I better be cutting the shows and getting down to some more studying. It's 9:30 p.m. now and I haven't a single lesson for to-morrow. Marie Prevost is the ruination of more men than "Anthony Patch" I'll bet; and I know she'll very likely be the cause of a good boy not knowing his lessons to-morrow. She sure is pretty though--


Made 99% on that chemistry test I took yesterday. Haven't heard what Don made. Made 93% on the extemporanious theme we had last Thursday. Went to the best base-ball game I've seen in two years. It was between North Side and Central. In the first two innings the score was 3 to 1 favor N.S. In the 9th inning Central made 2 more. A tenth inning was played but left the score 3 to 3. The game was called on account of darkness. North Side was represented by about 275 which number included several of our faculty. Senior had about 100.


Had a pretty good fall this morning when dismounting from the rings. Hit flat on my back but was not hurt except by a skinned elbow. Took a math test to day think I made 100%. Therefore stand a good chance to make 100% on report card. I fell down a little last month making only 99%. Started on the second group of unknowns in chemistry today. Made slow progress. Took Mother to look at old, ugly, green house this evening. Saw John Rogers this evening and got first set book. I have just heard over it KYW; WFAY; WOC; WMC; W-AW; WBAP.


I did make a 100% on that Math test and was the only one that did. Grayden made 96% on his test. I kind a wish he had made 100% also. As it is now my classmates will kind a look up to me as the leader in the class and I will have a reputation to keep up. I enjoy making a reputation more than trying to keep up one I have made in the past. Programme committees of the Radio and Science Clubs met to day and formed first draft of the programme we are to give May 1st to pay for our cuts in the Annual. I am on with Orby West for some scientific tricks and to explain the purpose of the Science Club, of which I am president. Went to see "The Christian" featuring Richard Dix as "John Storm" and May Busch as "Glory Quayle". I appreciated it very much. The Physical Club Department of our school is going to stage a show in a few weeks. I am on in the tumbling and either the big elephant or horse.


Am re-learning to do the forward flip off the springboard. Went to the Isis. Our first period baseball team played 3rd period. We won with a score of 9 to 1. Yesterday when he played 4th period I knocked my first home run in this series. Did little today though.


Finished "Freckles". Sure was a good book. Went hunting this evening up at Uncle Duke's place. John and Van went with me. We killed 34 plover and one dove the latter John shot accidentally. I used my double barrel 410 cal. shotgun. Worked remarkably well. Shot my first bird on the wing with it. I killed three by myself and finished up four that John had wounded. Van Z and J spent the night with me. We made some KClO3 + sugar and put it on the car-track. It worked well.


Received orders to stop saving our cow's milk. She is going to bring a calf I think. Went to Sunday School and Church this morning. Like to have roasted [rested?] and nearly went to sleep several times. Nancy and I went to see William Farnum in "Brass Commandments" at the "Alpo"[?]. Mabel Cavnender has been over a while. She thought my bottle xylophone pretty good. She played several tunes on it.


Technically tardy this morning but I was not counted today. I will have to start leaving earlier and be sure my clock is not behind as it was this morning. Made 97% on a Caesar test and 94% on a prose test. Clare Jaeggli my Latin rival made the same two grades. I am steadily declining in Latin. The first six weeks I made 99% on my report card. The last six weeks I made 95% and guess I will make about 94% on this weeks. I have bluffed on my Caesar recitations so much that I do not make myself study Caesar any more. I am undecided whether to take three years of Latin or drop it at the end of the term. Mr. Slauson divided the first period P.C. classs into four indoor teams. I am one of the captains and my team beat Jake Hightower's team 8 to 5. I knocked two home runs. My batting is either improving or the pitchers are getting worse. Marcus Moore exploded a Bunsen burner in Lab. last period. He tamped it full of a mixture of S and KClO3 and heated it to set it off. He intended for the mixture to spew out the end of the burner like a Roman candle but instead it blew the poor little bunsen burner into fragments. A small piece of the burner hit his finger and cut it to the bone. It is a wonder that none of the pieces did not hit anyone else. If the pieces had they would have gone through the person like a bullet. Science Club this evening. Principal feature was a slide-lantern with slides of the World War. I tried the "burning ice" experiment this morning. I did not put enough ether in the water before I froze it the first time but the second time it burned fairly well.


Arrived at school this morning fully three minutes before tardy bell rung. Made sure of time by calling Western Union. Had "high elephant" in gymnastics this morning. Chester Richardson has learned my forward flip off the springboard but I have him going now! This morning I did a forward flip over the high elephant without touching it except a very slight accidental rub after the flip was completed. To day I made a hand stand in good form for fully a minute the longest I have ever stood that way but had to ruin it all by carelessly stumbling when getting back to my feet. I guess I am in for it. Miss Bherens, my chemistry teacher, has persuaded me that I should take as much Latin as possible so I guess next year old Cicero and myself will fight it out. Had a good math recitation to-day. We took up geometry again. Went to Radio Club meeting this evening. My theory that less body capacity effect is experienced in the single-circuit peanut hook-up when the tuning condenser is placed between inductance and ground instead of between inductance and antenna was confirmed by Mr. McGinnis. Saw the rest of the stereoptigon slide this evening. They were partly about the "Garden of the Gods" and showed the very "Balanced Rock" which I saw when I was there in 1912. Went to see Marion Davies in "Adam and Eve". She was sorta dissapointing after seeing her in "When Knighthood Was in Flower". Started taking milk from Mrs. Hunnicutt again.


Was beaten in baseball by Carleton Lynch's team 16 to 2. One of our men was not there and we substituted a little kid who made an out every time. Latin Club met this afternoon. I was slide rusher in showing the same slides we showed in the Radio Club yesterday. Had a hard rain and wind last night. The wind blew about twenty houes away out on Summit Ave. Bad hail storm was experienced in Henrietta so I saw in the Record. This evening I had a slight stomach ache from some meat I got at school for dinner. I think it was because the meat was too highly flavored. Static is getting worse.


Considering going to a Y.M.C.A. college this summer and becoming a physical trainer. Learned to do fairly well a back hand spring and a back flip. Finished my unknown #2 group II. Went to Isis.

27th My team was beaten again this morning at first period and the first period team was beaten at dinner by some other team. Received my report card. Days present 30, Deportment 100, Math 100, English 94, Chemistry 100, Caesar 97, Latin Prose 95, Physical Culture 97. Miss Dean said it was a good card. I thanked her. Went to see "Big Game Hunting in Africa" at the Hippodrome. The picture was made by the Snow Bros. The show gave me a headache and and feeling sorta punk in general.

28th Wound secondary to an Oudin[?] high frequency coil. It is only a small coil to be suplied by a Ford ignition coil. Went to see "Brass". Saw John Rogers. He had not sold the set yet. Static is getting so bad mebby he can't. Heard WHAS, Louisville, Ky. just now.

29th Did not go to Church. Nancy did. I built a Magic picture frame. Went up to the lake with Aunt Anne this evening: The lake was higher than it has been that I know of. Aunt Anne was talking about taking me with her and going to Estes Park this summer.

30th Learned to do a back hand spring pretty well and made a good handstand on parallels. Chapel programme to be given by Radio and Science Clubs is put off until next Wed.

May 1st

Ruined my reputation in Math, to-day. Although it was sorter embarrassing to me at the time, now that it is over I am slightly glad I did; for now I can feel more like an ordinary person and so much will not be expected of me. I studied my lesson but so many things were on my mind to-day that I could not think of the proof to a proposition. Hated to disappoint Mrs. Sanchez worse than any thing else though. Our chapel programme to come off to-morrow. I will be ready. The tumbling exercises, to be given in the P.C. programme the 11th are progressing fairly well. I am gaining too much flesh. I weigh 148 1/2 lbs. dressed. I asked Uncle Guy if he still intended to let me work a 6 or 10 acre patch of cotton this summer. He said I could if I wanted to . I do. Learned how to blow glass so thin that a bubble of it may be blown away by a slight blow.

2nd The chapel programme came off in good style except my knife trick. The blood failed to come because the Na(OH) was too dilute on the knife. They did not laugh but seemed as much concerned as I did.


Early this morning carried my apparatus up to school in the car. I pulled off the Science Club part of the programme this evening with the assistance of Orby West after school in possibly better style than the free chapel programme yesterday. The programme was given by Latin and Science Clubs to pay for our cuts in the annual. Gave the knife trick over. It was a good success. Several of the girls squealed when the saw the artifical blood appear. Other features were lung capacity measured, coloration display, Blower and Sucker and Bottle Xylophone upon which I played "Chop sticks" and "La Paloma". O, yes, I liked to forget, Miss Stubblefield said I made a fairly good looking boy when I was dressed (I wore my good suit today). I may look better in those clothes but I sure feel a lot better in my raggedy old soldier breeches. So back to breeches to-morrow I go. Aunt Anne has invited me up to Hick's to-morrow. I think mebby I'll try to learn to dance up there. I do not mean to let my good fortune make me top-heavy but will try to remember that I am just one of the seven hundred fifty pupils that go to N.S. Fixed a flash light bulb on the end of a fishing rod awhile ago. It is 12:05 A.M. and is really May 4th so will wait for a few more events to happen before I write to day's record. The first thing I intend to do to-day however is to go to bed and sleep for about 7 hours.

4th (written the 6th)

Carried my appartus from the ante-room of the stage back up to the lab. Brought none of it home except the picture frame. Expect I'll get the rest in the car Monday. Heard a very interesting lecture on South America which was supposed to have been accompanied with slides but owing to inability to darken the room sufficiently they were not shown. The lecture said in five years S.A. would be shipping us petrolium.

( This is my left thumb print.)

We left for Hicks about 6:35 P.M. I tried to learn to dance alright. Tried to square dance, learned the waltz step going forward but don't know how to back up. On the way out saw the front trucks of a freight car put on the track. Went to sleep on some hay covered with a wagon sheet in one of the aeroplane hangars.


Slept late and well. got up about 8 A.M. and played handball with Brown. The bunch was going over to Blue Mound for dinner on a hay wagon. But we six cousins Warfield, Brown, Thornton, John, Van Zandt and myself got in V.Z.'s fliver and went in it. We stopped by Uncle Warfield's vacant house played the old piano a bit, fixed a puncture and beat every body to the Mound after all. We six rode down the Mound on the steep side and VZ's mother gave him a powerful bawlin out but did not mind it much. After eating all the ice cream and cake we could hold we went to the creek for a swim in the good swimming hole what used to belong to us when we lived out there. Warfield V.Z. and I swam the length of the hole twice without resting except at the dam.

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