Key to Collage of 13 Family Photos
Row 1
  • Mary Burgess (grandma) on a cot
  • Stockton Family photo
  • Burgess home on Belknap Street, Fort Worth

Row 2

  • Edna Deckler's funeral 1991 (Mary Anne Whitaker, Guy Perry III, Nancy Anne Ward , Diane McCarty, Joyce Deckler, Mary Phyllis White Parvin)
  • Guy S. Perry Sr. (grandpa)

Row 3

  • North Side home, Fort Worth 1926 (Mary Burgess Alexander Perry (grandma) Guy Perry Jr.(baby), Anne, Edna, and Augusta Perry in front and Howard Grubs (friend), Thomas (Buddy) Alexander, and girlfriend in back
  • Loren Hudson, Guy S. Perry Jr.

Row 4

  • Burgess ranch -- Lillie, Jim, and Anne Burgess in doorway. Grandma was born here in 1887
  • Bartlett Christmas 1922--Nancy Alexander, one of the Stocktons, Mary Burgess Alexander Perry (grandma), Guy Perry Sr. (grandpa), Floy, Augusta, Edna, and Anne Perry

Row 5

  • Anne Perry Hudson
  • Augusta White, Mary Phyllis White , Joyce Deckler, Edna Deckler

Row 6

  • Hyman Deckler, New York City
  • Edna Deckler funeral -- Lester and Floy Dauenhauer, Bill and Ellyn Jarvis
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