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John William Burgess married Sue Innes
Columbia Davis married John Price Innes, father of Sue Innes
Lillie Burgess married 1st William Helm Smith
Lillie Burgess married 2nd Mark Hovencamp
Warfield Burgess married Floy Brown
Jonn Innes Burgess married Lennie Jarvis
Jim Burgess married Floy King
James E. Burgess Real Estate Transfers
Jim Burgess Trial
Anne Burgess married Van Zandt Jarvis
Bernard C. Williams -- married to Priscilla Jarvis, daughter of Van Zandt Jarvis and Anne Burgess-- father of Van and Bernie Williams
Duke Burgess married Allene Beaumont
  • DukeB.pdf (Duke Burgess Accident with Gun)
  • DMN04-11-73BurgActing.pdf (Charlynne Burgess, Mrs. Duke Burgess, Jr., and chidlren David and Jenny in theatrical production at Richland College)
Mary Bugess married 1st Thomas Mayben Alexander
Mary Burgess married 2nd Guy Stockton Perry
  • EPerry.pdf (Edward Martin Perry Story: Double Assault)
  • DMN06-10-98JP.pdf (May Perry, Rockdale, and Jimmie Perry, Rockdale, graduate at Baylor.
    Is Jimmie the daughter of James Samuel Perry, brother of Edward Martin Perry?)
  • DMN01-16-98LolaP.pdf (Lola Perry, age 13, writes a letter about Rockdale.
    Is Lola the daughter of Uncle John, John Milton Perry, the writer?)
  • DMN09-10-13.pdf (Uncle Hayde advertises for a cook and housekeeper)
  • DMN06-17-30JPerryFun.pdf (Funeral of John M. Perry who was buried in Old City Cemetery in Rockdale)
  • DMN06-30-99DHS.pdf (D. H. Stockton in fishing party on Colorado River.)
  • Dmn09-20-19HughSt.pdf (Bodies of Hugh Stockton, wife, and child identified after hurricane in 1919)
  • DMN10-30-07FannieSt.pdf (Mrs. Fannie Stockton Passes Away)
  • DMN03-20-29GSPdebt.pdf (Local Courts: 95th District Court, Trinity Farm Co. vs. Guy Perry, Debt; Dismissed)
Hayden Perry and Washington
  • DMN12-04-34.pdf (Hayden Perry of Robstown among those in conference with Secretary of Agriculture about law governing cotton production)
  • DMN01-17-36.pdf (Hayden Perry of Robstown among those supporting farm program)
  • DMN03-31-37.pdf (Hayden Perry of Robstown part of delegation to Washington opposing oil tax hike
  • DMN08-03-37.pdf (Hayden Perry of Robstown on committee to lobby President Roosevelt and Congress over cotton prices)
George Sessions Perry (1910-1956)
Morrow Cousins
  • DMN12-15-31MMor.pdf (Death of Mrs. Mary Houston Morrow, daughter of Sam Houston. She was married to John Simeon Morrow of Georgetown.)
  • DMN03-07-25JCMorpdf.pdf (Death of Joseph Clay Stiles Morrow, husband of Nannie Elizabeth Houston, eldest daughter of Sam Houston. Picture of his daughter Mrs. Jennie Morrow Decker)
  • Morrow-Perry Connection
    See Guy's file jmorrow.pdf for details on the Morrow family. Andrew Walker Morrow (father of John Simeon Morrow) and Preston Brown Morrow (father of Joseph Clay Stiles Morrow) were brothers of Isabella Morrow who married Milton Perry, father of Edward Martin Perry.

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