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Old Family Letters


James White, Grandfather of Mary Elizabeth White Stockton

Collage of 13 Family Photos

Key to Collage of Family Photos

Sue Innes and John William Burgess

James Innes Letters

Noah Spears and Elizabeth Innes (sister of Sue Innes)

Margaret and Price Johnson (children of Margaret, a sister of Sue Innes)

Mary Estill Burgess Alexander Perry

Mary's Bible

  1. frontcover.pdf (8.2 MB)
  2. reversefrontcover.pdf (3.7 MB)
  3. picture.pdf (6.5 MB)
  4. frontpage.pdf (3.0 MB)
  5. notes.pdf (4.0 MB)
  6. contents.pdf (2.4 MB)
  7. wedding.pdf (5.0 MB)
  8. births.pdf (5.1 MB)
  9. deaths.pdf (4.9 MB)
  10. marriages.pdf (4.8 MB)

Marriage License -- Mary Burgess and Thomas Alexander Oct.5, 1904.

Burgess Family Chart Keyed to Anne Arundel Gentry Book - marygentry.pdf (253K)

Van Zandt Jarvis Funeral, 1940, Fort Worth, Texas - group1940.pdf (361K)

Bernie Williams (Brother Paul) 1930-2001

Recent Photos

Little Perry Cousin Pictures

Rachel Elizabeth Perry

Mary, Ginger, and Anna

Alyson, Andrew, Elena, Susan

Nancy Anne Ward at Edna Deckler's Funeral 1991

Alexander Family Notes

Alexander Chart

Anne, Paddy, Jimmy, Bobby 1987

Anne Gallery

Ardis Stockton Berry

The Family Tree Book

Caleb Mitchell Ward

Christmas Cards

Mattie Burgess Letters

Austin Area Park Pictures
(Guy Perry III, Nancy Anne Ward, Mary Phyllis White Parvin)
Also College Station photo with Lester Dauenhauer, Jane Callahan, Mary White Parvin, and Nancy Ward, June 2003.

Elk Point, South Dakota, Parade

Snow Photos, Cleburne, TX, Valentine's Day 2004

Buddy's Diary (Thomas Alexander, Jr.) - diary.pdf (8.3M)

World War II Photos

Uncles in WWII Uniforms

Jim Burgess Family

Drawings of Edna and Augusta Perry by Augusta 1940-1942
- ednasketch.pdf (2.7M) and augustasketch.pdf (2.2M)

Guy Stockton Perry, Jr., High School Football Newspaper Articles
- guyfootball.pdf (1.5M)

Old Things: Wooden Dumbbell, Farm Bell, UT 1936 Yell Book

Edna Perry's Report Card 1929-1930, Corpus Christi, TX

Duke Burgess Family

Augusta Stockton and Caldwell

Paddy's Christmas Snow Photos 2004
(from Edward Hudson in Bay City, Texas)

1986 Letter to John William Burgess from ------ Spears, probably a relative
- spearsletter.pdf (4.5M)

Text of 1938 Letter from Lilly Burgess Smith Hovencamp to her sister Mary Burgess Alexander Perry
- lillylettertext.pdf (29K)

Arlington Heights Pioneers - newspaper article with pictures of Aunt Lilly Burgess Smith Hovencamp and Aunt Allene Beaumont Bugess (Mrs. Duke Burgess)

Louise and Barbara Logan -1961 newspaper photo
- louise1961.pdf (425K)

Thomas Perry and Hayden Rabon
- tperryhrabon.pdf (828K)

Mary Anne's View of Chickens and Ducks

Program for Funeral of Floy Dauenhauer
Colllege Station, Texas, September 10, 2005

Edna Belle Perry Rabon Newton

Photo Gallery of Mary Anne's new grandson Robbie Whitaker (b. October 26, 2005)

Old Photos of Nancy and Tommy Alexander, Floy Perry, and others

Christmas 2005 Photos from College Station

Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Chorus of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk with Guy Perry

Letter about Perry family in 1951 from Mrs. Walter Felton (Aunt Edna)

Letter in 1956 from Edna Felton to Ira Connell

Notes from some unknown Perry Family Bible

Green Hornet Video Clips from

Robbie Movies

Robbie Movie 1

Robbie Movie 2

Molly Grace Whitaker - b. Nov. 17, 2006

John Burgess Smith (Punk Smith)

Morrow Cousin - Jennie Morrow Decker, a granddaughter of General Sam Houston

Guy's Old Newspaper Articles

Low resolution PDF file with pictures of Tara and Alyson's kids and pictures of Joyce, Mary Phyllis and Nancy Anne in Arlington in the summer of 2008

High resolution PDF file with pictures of Tara and Alyson's kids and pictures of Joyce, Mary Phyllis and Nancy Anne in Arlington in the summer of 2008

Emily Stockton Letter (Dec. 14, 1962)

Furniture Photo Gallery

Printable Greeting Cards

Remembrances of My Father Dee Thomas Stockton by Laura Stockton Bentley

French Robertson White III Memorial Booklet

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