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James White (1789-1879) , of Benton Co. TN,
married 1st Mary McSwine (1800-1820). Their first child was Andrew Wilford White.

Andrew Wilford White (1816-1846)
came to Texas from Tennessee as a young man during the days of the Republic. He married his sweetheart from Tennessee, Sophia Woodward Murphree (1821-1848), and lived in Victoria. Her brother Stephen Murphree is in the Handbook of Texas. Both Andrew and his wife Sophia died tragically young and left three daughters to be cared for by relatives.

Mary Elizabeth White (1842-1916)
married Douglas Hayden Stockton (1836-1920). They are buried in the Stockton Family Cemetery in Bartlett, TX. Both were in Texas during the days of the Republic. D.H. Stockton was a Confederate veteran.

Augusta Mable Stockton (1862-1891)
married Edward Martin Perry (1853-1921). She died at an early age and her children went to live with the large Stockton family. One of her son Guy's sayings was "it's mean to tease".

Guy Stockton Perry (1887-1939)
married Mary Estill Burgess Alexander (1887-1958). They were married by L. D. Anderson in the Burgess home on Belknap Street in 1913. Mary Burgess was previously married to Thomas Mayben Alexander who died from typhoid, in 1908, leaving Mary a widown at age 21 with two children, Tommy and Nancy. Mary eloped to Paris, Kentucky, with Thomas Alexander when she was 17 yeras old.

Floy Daunenhauer, Anne Hudson, Edna Deckler, Augusta White , and Guy S. Perry, Jr.