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Book Cover
First Page
First Page
Picture of James White and Eliza M. White, his second wife (p. 14)
Page 14
White Family (p. 21)
Page 21
James White (p. 24)
Page 24
James White continued (p. 25)
Page 25

Pyatt or Pyeatt Family (pp. 18-20)

Biography of John White and Martha Pyeatt (pp. 292-299)
Biography of James White and His Wives (pp. 299-302)

Photos of Vetury or Veturia White Smith

Biography of Veturia White Smith (pp. 199-204)

Vetury or Veturia was the daughter of James White and his second wife Elizabeth Matlock. Her son W. Thomas Smith wrote the 'Family Tree Book'. She is a half sister of Andrew White.


White Family Letters

Transcription of letter from James White to his grandchildren (Mattie, Mary Elizabeth, and Virginia) in Texas and two letters from Augusta Stockton to Aunt Mattie Tom