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Through the Looking-Glass and Twilight

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Down the Rabit-Hole

There are some resemblances between Alice in Wonderland and the Twilight Series.

Alice is, of course, the most noticeable link between the two works. In the Twilight world of Alice the chess-playing vampire, mythology is real and monsters are routine. From the very beginning of Alice in Wonderland, out-of-the-way things happen, beginning with the white rabbit checking his watch before he jumps down the rabbit hole.

In New Moon Alice goes down through a manhole in Volterra to enter the underground entrance to the Volturi's headquarters. There are labyrinthine passages and strange doors as there are in Chapter 1 of Alice in Wonderland.

The power structure of Wonderland ruled by the angry capricious Queen of Hearts yelling "Off with their heads" and the nonsensical King of Hearts can be compared to a limited extent to the ruthless vampire royalty, the Volturi, who enforce order by quick execution.

That's as far as the comparison goes at the moment. Certainly there is no connection between Renesmee and the baby who turns into a pig! On the other hand, there are quite a few points of similarity between The Twilight Saga and Through the Looking Glass, especially in Breaking Dawn. See Looking-Glass Notes for Breaking Dawn amd Twilight.