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I am pointing out what I think are relevant passages about the use of Bella's bedroom window in The Twilight Saga.

Note 1

In Twilight (Chapter 7), Bella opens her bedroom window, "surprised when it opened silently, without sticking, not having opened it in who knows how many years. . ." We learn later that Edward has been climbing into her window at night and watching her sleep. After she learns about this, she invites him to stay with her at night. He generally makes his entrance and exit through her window.

Note 2

Edward's room has walled-size windows looking over the Sol Duc River and across the forest to the Olympic Mountains. The Cullen house has a wall of glass on one side (Twilight, Chapter 16). Bella's first trip outdoors as a vampire in Breaking Dawn is through an upstairs window. She jumps to the ground and lobs her fancy shoes back into the window behind her.

Note 3

In New Moon (Chapter 12) Jacob vaults into the window at night to apologize to Bella and encourage her to figure out what his secret is so that they can still be friends. He appears to be crashing through the glass and his entrance is dramatic. His coming into the window reminds her of Edward's visits.

Note 4

In Eclipse (Chapter 2) when Bella is angry with Edward for disabling her truck to prevent her from visiting Jacob in La Push, she slams the window shut. Then she sighs and opened the window as wide as it will go.

Note 5

See also Jacob's entry into the tent in Eclipse (Chapter 22) for interesting choice of language.

"I heard the sound of the zipper around the tent door pulling swiftly down. Jacob slid through the smallest opeing he could manage. . ."